Tips for Organizing Your Home This Weekend at AdviceDrop

Looking to clear out some of the clutter in your home, but short on time? Advicedrop expert and professional organizer, Amelia Meena of Appleshine, Lifestyle Organization, shares home organization projects that are perfect for the weekend.

What is a home organizing project that is ideal to start and complete in one weekend?
Amelia Meena (Owner, Appleshine Lifestyle Organization): If you are looking for an organizing project to complete in one weekend, pick an area that persistently bothers you. Whether it’s a messy entryway, cluttered kitchen or disheveled closet, if it’s unorganized enough to bother you on a daily basis, that’ll be all the motivation you’ll need to complete the task. If you attempt to organize without a goal or intention, you’ll likely feel overwhelmed or unsure of how to even start. Yet, if you know your life will immediately benefit from the outcome, it’ll make the project flow much easier and seem more manageable for a weekend warrior.

What should someone be sure to do before they get started on an organization project?

Amelia: Answer these two important questions: 1) What are 3-5 things that frustrate me about this unorganized area? And 2) What single goal would I like to accomplish from this task? Be specific when writing a list of what bothers you. These points become your breakdown of tackling an overwhelming task. And keeping your end goal in mind will motivate you throughout the tough spots (and there will be tough spots!).

For instance, if you’re going to organize your desk, you may list: messy mail center, too much paper clutter and unorganized junk drawer. Your main goal might be: “I want to sit down and pay bills without getting distracted by everything else on the desk.” To achieve that end goal, start by clearing out the mail center and establish a system that works then file away all your paper clutter and edit the contents of your junk drawer (really, how many pens do you need…especially if they don’t have caps?). Each time you get stalled, remind yourself that spending a few hours this weekend will save so much time when you go to pay your bills later that week.

Any other organizing tips or best practices to share?

Amelia: Two great tips for organizing your home to keep in mind are: create organization systems that are based on your innate habits and behavior; and feel free to ask for help. If you know you’re a visual person, then don’t shove everything into a cabinet where you can’t see it. Instead, keep things exposed in an organized fashion that makes sense to you. And if you don’t think you can do it alone, you don’t have to! Seek help from a highly-organized friend or even a professional. Yet, when working with someone else, make sure to tell them what you’d like to get accomplished and in what time frame. Make sure everyone is on the same page and working towards the same organized goal.

And once you start organizing a space, stay with it until it’s complete. If you try to organize too many spaces at once, confusion can set in and you could be left with a messier situation! If you are not sure where or how to begin, hiring a professional organizer is another way to get you off to a great start.


November 15, 2013

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