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We are very happy to welcome the advice of professional lifestyle organizer, Amelia Meena. Amelia is the founder of Appleshine, which is a wonderful company that offers lifestyle organizational services in the NYC area. Founded in “The Big Apple,” Appleshine helps maximize your space, clear-out clutter, and create a more efficient lifestyle. Amelia is guest blogging for us today, and will be helping us get our closets ready for the colder months ahead, by giving us three simple tips….

Hello, there! Amelia here. Well, fall is upon us. It’s here. In all its crisp air, golden-leafed glory. And a change in season, means a change in wardrobe. Time to trade those summer clothes for short boots, long sleeves, and mid-weight jackets.

Switching out your seasonal clothes is a great way to save space and stress when picking out an outfit. No need to crowd your closet with items you only wear above 75 degrees, when there’s a cool breeze in the air. Appleshine has three great tips for coordinating your closet switch-a-roo:

Tip #1: Check For Damaged Goods

Take a moment to scan for spots, stains, or general wear-and-tear. If an item
is damaged, it’s time to move it out for good. And if you haven’t worn it all
season, consider donating it instead of letting it take up space for another
year without use.

Tip #2: Coordinate Clothing

When storing your wardrobe, keep like, with like: all pants in one container,
then blouses and tops together, and so on. Defining categories within
storage will help you see how much of each you have, and it’ll make the
reverse transition easier when it’s time to unpack in the warmer months.

Tip #3: Keep It Clear

Whether you store off-season clothing underneath your bed, on the top shelf
of your closet, or off-site (garage, basement, attic), use a clear container.
Clear, plastic containers provide protection from the elements, and make it
easy to see the contents. If you need your favorite sundress for a
mid-winter getaway to the beach, you can find it in a snap.

Happy Fall! What are your tips or tricks for storing seasonal clothing?

-Amelia of Appleshine, for Home Chic Home


September 18, 2013

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