One Minute Tip: 3 Ways to Better Organize Your Holiday Party

One Minute Tip: 3 Ways to Better Organize Your Holiday Party

In this video, Amelia Meena of Appleshine, Lifestyle Organization brings us a few simple things you can do before (and during) your next dinner party to keep yourself from getting overwhelmed (and speed up the cleanup process). Happy Holiday Hosting, everyone!

Three Ways to Better Organize Your Holiday Party:

1. Make a Schedule of Events: If you make a rough timeline of how you’d like the evening to progress, you can better relax when your guests are mingling, because your attention will be on them, not on whether or not you’ve forgotten about dessert. (But let’s be honest… who ever really forgets about dessert.)

2. Make a List of Tasks to Delegate: Friendly guests always ask what they can do to help, but unless you have something ready to say, the polite thing for them to do is to mingle and enjoy the party (as they should!). Listing out things that are easy to delegate ahead of time can help you avoid getting overwhelmed in the moment when someone asks you what they can do to help, and help the work to feel like part of the party. Try to match tasks with personalities. If you have someone that’s really social, have them greet people at the front door, pour wine, take coats. If you have shy friends, let them set the table, take charge of the playlist, help you with something in the kitchen.

3. Organize Kitchen Cleanup Ahead of Time: It’s an age old trick, but filling the sink with soapy water before you leave the kitchen is a great way to speed up cleanup at the end of the night. That way, when a guest walks into the kitchen after dinner, they don’t have to ask what to do, (and you don’t have to ask them). At the end of the night, you can make an easy transfer to the dishwasher, and voila!


December 9, 2013
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