One Minute Tip: The Smartest Ways to Give Away

The easiest way to give away the things you love but have a hard time letting go of is to imagine the new life that lies ahead for them. In today’s video, Amelia Meena shares her five favorite ways to give things away.

From Amelia:

-Make sure to call ahead to a Donation Center to inquire about their drop-off hours and what goods they’re willing to accept. Note: all donation centers have the right to refuse something (whether it’s in poor condition, too big for their store or they have a surplus of that item).

Check out this list of Donation Centers —-OR—- If you’ve done online research and still can’t find a donation center for a niche item, go back to the source. Contact the store or supplier from where you originally got the item. They might be able to direct you to a good source.

-Remember: you can’t take it with you when you go! So if you’re no longer using an item in your everyday life, make a realistic judgement call on whether it’s worth storing (memorabilia, off-season items, heirloom pieces, etc) or if it’s time to move it out.


January 27, 2014
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