One Minute Tip from Amelia Meena: Live Within Your Means

Today’s One Minute Tip comes from Amelia Meena, of Appleshine Lifestyle Organization. For some thoughts on how to control four common overflow areas, see below the jump!

Pay attention to these common areas that often overflow: bookshelves, storage areas, wardrobes and gift items. Don’t be enticed to overload a bookshelf; maintain a sense of order and stay away from crammed clutter. Designate one storage area and don’t let yourself keep more things than can fit inside it – and keep it clearly categorized and accessible in order to find what you’re looking for. A wardrobe should be inspiring and exciting; weed out any dull, ill-fitting and outdated clothing. And make your momma proud with good manners when receiving a gift but don’t feel obligated to keep it if it doesn’t work with your lifestyle. Don’t be afraid to use the size of your apartment as an excuse – it’s a real one! Sometimes it’s simply the thought that counts.

– Amelia

February 12, 2013
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