Cool Furniture for Small Spaces

Look at me, hanging out on that cool couch….that turns into a bed!  It’s my dream come true: the ultimate space saver that’s both practical and trendy.

In the past, this type of bed was a dark and dowdy contraption (with a name that rhymed with ‘urphy’). Nowadays, Resource Furniture has transformed the hideaway bed into a modern living room layout.  And they didn’t stop there; they have console tables that stretch to seat 14 people, bunk beds that double as an office and coffee tables that triple as a desk for one or formal seating for 10.

I was so excited to go to their event this week and take a grand tour of the showroom.  My most favorite piece was their beautiful sofa which happened to turn into a bed.  Fantastic!

First, you have to remove the many throw pillows (their fabric selection is gorgeous and plentiful).  And note the ample storage space underneath the couch.  Very cool.

Then simply pull the shelf down to open up the bed.  It acts as the support for the frame and the best part is, nothing on the shelf gets disturbed.  Even those glass vases remain untouched when the bed is fully functional.

And there you have it!  One, two, three steps from a cushy sofa to a snuggly sleeping arrangement.  It’s a Queen size bed, too, and I swear that mattress is more comfy than the one at my apartment.  (Or maybe I was just giddy from the demonstration.)

Regardless, it’s a great way to save space in a small apartment, guest room or vacation home.  And it’s sleek, efficient and easy on the eyes. I had such a lovely time at their event and can’t wait to see what design they’ll come up with next.

Tell me, Appleshiners, where would you use a bed like this?

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And, most of all, I hope you have as much carefree fun as she does here.  Happy weekend, everyone!