Appleshine: Tribeca Office

My client swore up and down that her office looked like “a dumping ground”.  I assured her that everyone thinks their mess is the worst.  Yet to be honest, there wasn’t much counter space to be seen.

We still managed to Appleshine our way our from under the paper clutter.  Here are the before/after pictures:

The overall aesthetic of her office became brighter and offered a little more breathing room once the project was complete.

Sorting and grouping the items helped streamline the bookcase.

Well, her desk WAS a bit of a dumping ground.  So we careful went through all the papers, filing, shredded and moving them to their new homes, until it became a clear, uncluttered space.

I’m a big fan of clearing all countertops.  Paper creep just clutters a room and clouds the mind.

Tell me, Appleshiners, how do you keep your office organized?

PS- Come back tomorrow and see what I did with all her paper files.  Whew!!