Organized Manhattan Kitchen
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“Appleshine is absolutely wonderful, and simply put…transformed my home. It is so much more fun coming back to my apartment with its new sense of order and simplicity. Amelia is a coach and a cheerleader as she gently guides you through the sometimes daunting process of figuring out what you want to keep and want to let go of. Then she helps you put what you keep in an order that lets you make best use of what you have. I originally imagined to work through a few closets and cabinets. The project became so satisfying and actually fun, that we we continued on and did my whole apartment – everything from kitchen drawers to file cabinets. The full trash bags were an inspiration. She also helped me recycle stuff by donating it to organizations that could make good use of it — such as a cat shelter that could use my old sheets and frayed towels.

I can’t recommend Amelia and Appleshine highly enough!”


“I can’t write enough positive things about Appleshine. I have a great apartment, but after five years of living in it as a single guy with a lot of stuff, I felt like it was suffering from all its clutter. I found Amelia on the web and brought her in for one project- my closets. She did such a terrific job that she Appleshined my kitchen, my dresser, my file cabinets and my bookshelves. After a few sessions, my apartment was better than when I first moved in. The clutter was gone and the space was beautiful.

Perhaps most importantly, Amelia is a delight. This work is personal and I needed someone I could trust; someone direct, pleasant and fun to work with. Amelia was all of that and more. I can’t recommend her highly enough.

Thanks, Appleshine. You changed my life.”

Tech Marketing

“Appleshine is a fantastic resource for our busy office. We’re a creative group, so it’s easy for chaos to take over. We started out with several sessions with Amelia where she helped us develop systems for managing clutter at employee workstations and throughout the office, including the kitchen, printers, and all-important marker board area. Now we have a regular monthly touchup and Amelia comes in to keep us on track and tackle special projects. She’s great at helping streamline and simplify so we can keep everyone focused on what we do best.”

Production Innovation

“At my apartment, Appleshine came face to face with disaster. My closet – sweaters stacked like tower of Pisa, jeans crammed into make-shift shelves, and shoes, shoes, and more shoes – all of it was on the verge of turning into a The Blob and consuming me. My goal was to be able to see what I already owned, so I would be less tempted to buy new stuff. In a mere 3 hours, Amelia found an organizational solution for the space. Now it looks amazing in there!
I recommend her to anyone who wants to a fresh start in an old place.”

TV Correspondent

“I’m so happy that I hired Appleshine and can’t believe I waited so long. It was definitely the best money I’ve spent in awhile.

Amelia is super easy to work with and very calming, which goes a long way. Plus she encouraged me a lot which I SO needed. We had a helpful telephone consultation a few days prior to our appointment where she gave me a list of things to have on hand- like file folders, garbage bags, etc. After our first appointment, I can’t believe how much paperwork we got through. We filled 4 bags of garbage, 2 bags for shredding and emptied out several baskets full of papers accumulated over a few years. I’m so grateful for Appleshine’s help. Definitely worth it!”