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We’re all familiar with the cyclical process of closet cleaning: It fills up with piles of clothing and shoes and accessories we don’t wear and forget we even own, we let it grow out of control for a year (or two), then we spend an intense 48 hours trying to wrangle it back into order. And the process begins again. But what if there was a way to skip the exhausting marathon decluttering session and maintain a clutter-free closet? Some organizing experts think it’s possible—as long as you set a few ground rules. Once you’ve done the hard work of decluttering, following these seven guidelines every day will prevent your closet from descending into chaos. These mini moves, like keeping every item visible and leaving a giveaway bag right on the shelf, may be the secret to a perpetually-clean closet.

Prioritize Where You Position Things

“Be mindful of accessibility when placing items in the closet,” says Amelia Meena, a professional organizer and founder of Appleshine. “ Less frequently used items (bathing suits, snow gear, etc.) should go up high and out of reach. Items you use regularly (everyday wardrobe pieces, kids’ toys, or supplies) should be at eye-level and easy to access,” she explains. Don’t waste prime real estate by placing your favorite party dress that you only wear a couple times per year in the front of your closet, but save that spot for the go-to white shirt you wear to work every week.

Always Be Editing

While this may sound overwhelming, editing as you go is actually less taxing than a big purge. And all three professional organizers agree that editing is essential. “If you can get rid of anything that doesn’t belong/fit/work anymore, it will free up valuable (and much needed) space for the rest of your belongings,” Meena says.

Don’t Go Overboard With Containers

You may want to believe that bins and baskets are the cure-all for clutter, but according to Meena, they can also be blackholes for stuff. “Use them when it makes sense (one bin for all the dog’s stuff), but do without if they’re not required (items that stack neatly like board games or jeans),” she says. When possible, use shelf dividers rather than baskets to hold sweaters or jeans that you don’t want to hide, but still want to look neat. Remember Rule No. 3: You want to keep as much of the contents of the closet visible as possible, and too many containers will only hide your belongings from you.

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