4 Organizing Trends That Need to Go Away || Woman’s Day

With a renewed interest in de-cluttering, the organizing industry has exploded in recent years. Today, consumers have access to more and more products that promise to help restore order in the home, and it seems everyone has a handy “hack” you have to try. But not all space solutions are good ones. We spoke to three experts about which storage trends they’re sick of seeing.

Beds With Built-In Drawers

“I don’t really like built-in drawers on the bed frame,” professional organizer and founder of Appleshine Amelia Meena. “It’s often more efficient to raise a bed and keep suitcases and boxes underneath.”


If your pantry looks like this, you’re probably fine. But if it looks a lot more chaotic, it might be time to step away from the label-maker. “Sometimes, organization details can go a bit overboard, which works for some but not for others,” Meena says. “Labels are great for identifying the contents of a non-see-through container, but not everything needs to be labeled.”

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